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2017 School Board Members

Last Updated: 25/06/2017

2017 School Board Members





For those parents who are new to Waikiki Primary School, the role of the School Board is a diverse one but its primary role is to establish and review the school’s objectives, priorities and policy directions. The role of the Board is to hold the school to account for its performance on behalf of the Minister for Education, the Director General of Education and the local community. In its advisory capacity, the School Board advises the Principal about the local community context, reviews the allocation of resources and funding to meet the business plan targets. Examples of Board responsibilities include approval of voluntary school contributions, school dress code and book list items. Essentially, it is a way for parents and the community to be involved in school decision  making and the strategic direction of the school.

The School Board is not involved in the day-to-day running of the school, for example, staff performance, student assessment or issues relating to individual interest groups, and distinct from the P&C, the Board is not involved in fundraising or purchasing resources for the school.

This year the Board will oversee the following:

  • Endorsement of Annual Report – April 2017
  • Parent Satisfaction Survey - May 2017
  • Overview and analysis of Student Performance Data – ongoing
  • Formulation and implementation of the Independent Review as described in the School Review           Documentation
  • Financial approval of fees, charges and voluntary contributions – Term 4
  • Review of progress against Business Plan and make recommendations for 2018 – Term 4

This year, the WPS Board meets twice a term. Additional meetings may be called as required and an Annual Public Meeting will be held in Term 3.

At Waikiki Primary School, members are elected for a maximum of 3 years and are elected from the parent body, staff and local community. All Board members are obliged, via a Code of Conduct, to act in the best     interests of the school and its students to ensure the academic, physical and emotional development of our    students.

I would like to introduce the Waikiki Primary School Board for 2017:

  • Ms Jennifer Forbes, Chairperson and Parent Representative
  • Mr Craig Stanners, Principal
  • Mrs Shannon Cantatore, Parent Representative
  • Mrs Sue Evans, Parent Representative
  • Mrs Raji Balakrishnan, Parent Representative
  • Mrs Angela Young, Parent Representative
  • Mr Andy van de Sand, Parent Representative
  • Mrs Heidi Wahanui, Parent Representative
  • Ms Darlene Gostelow, Staff Representative
  • Ms Naomi Greaves, Staff Representative
  • Mrs Gillian Aletreby, Staff Representative
  • Mrs Elizabeth Jackson, Secretary/Manager Corporate Services

Please continue reading for profiles of each Board Member.

I look forward to working with our School Board and to reporting on our activities throughout the year. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to provide any feedback, please contact me at  jenniferforbes@iinet.net.au

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Jennifer Forbes

Waikiki Primary School Board Chairperson


School Board Profiles

Jennifer Forbes, Board Chair

My family has been part of Waikiki Primary School for 6 years. I currently have three children attending Waikiki Primary School, with a fourth child to start kindy in 2018. I commenced in the role of School Board Chairperson in February 2017 and was previously the School Council Chairperson. I have been an active member of the Waikiki school community, mostly in my capacity as leader of the Waikiki Primary School Rhyme Time group for 3 years.  I am a small business owner involved in technology and education in the local area.  I have a background in International Development and International Relations, and I am currently involved in an International Association in a volunteer capacity. I bring to the Board skills in effective decision making, project   management and team leadership. I am committed to assisting Waikiki Primary School create an environment     where every student has the opportunity to reach their full academic potential. I am excited to work closely with     our dynamic and multi-disciplinary Board to develop a strong sense of community within the school.

Craig Stanners, Principal

I have been very fortunate to be the Principal of Waikiki Primary School since 2012.  In that time our school has seen many transitions, the latest becoming an Independent Public School in 2016.  I am very pleased and proud to be able to work with a wonderful group of parents and staff members who make up our inaugural School Board and I am very excited about the progress we will make together.  Our school will continue its improvement agenda, being driven by quality data and decision making processes in a caring environment that values honesty, respect and responsibility.

Shannon Cantatore, Parent Representative

I decided I would be involved with the School Board as all of my five children have attended Waikiki Primary School.  I have always maintained an interest in the strategic direction of the school and I appreciate the opportunity to provide my input into the different areas of the school. I am an active member of the school community through my involvement in the P&C.  I am the current P&C President.

Raji Balakrishnan, Parent Representative

I have two children at Waikiki Primary School and I always have a positive approach towards my work. I am a small business owner and enjoy working from home whilst maintaining an interaction with the school and surrounding community.am keen to make a difference to my own children’s education and to the school community as a whole. I am excited to be a part of the School Board and I look forward to making a valuable contribution to our School. 

Angela Young, Parent Representative

I have two children at Waikiki Primary school and I am a very driven person who consistently thinks outside the box. I have lived in Perth my whole life and my family background is Portuguese and English. With an extensive background in hairdressing, event organisation and retail, I have joined the Board to create a different view on evolving our school. Having been self-employed for the past 14 years, I am hardworking and committed to any tasks put in front of me.  I am approachable and want to be able to communicate the suggestions of the parent community to the School Board, to bridge the gap between staff and parents.

Sue Evans, Parent Representative

I am a very proud mother of two boys who seem to be growing up way too fast. Both of our boys have been at Waikiki Primary School from Kindy, so we have had a belonging to this school as the years have gone by. Our son Jesse is head boy in year 6 so sadly this is his last year.  Previously I managed a salon before owning my own business for 7 years. My reason for deciding to join the School Board is that I believe that this is a great school and I wanted to help to contribute and have a voice in shaping a future that our children and future students can and will benefit from. I believe Honesty, Respect and Responsibility are three key ingredients for a happy and loving home and school life. I’m very glad that these are our schools creed.

Heidi Wahanui, Parent Representative

I am a Primary School teacher, at a local school in Waikiki. This is my third year of being on the Waikiki School Council/Board. I currently have two children at Waikiki PS and a third who will be starting kindy next year. I am originally from New Zealand, and lived in the UK for 12 years and Australia for the last three and a half years. I am really excited about being part of the 2017 School Board, and look forward to contributing to the development of Waikiki Primary School.

Andy van de Sand, Parent Representative

Andy is the father of three girls, two at school age and attending Waikiki Primary School. His wife Jenny is involved assisting with the Waikiki Primary School Rhyme Time group and the Waikiki Primary School P&C. With a background in IT, and now running the flight operations arm of a major airline’s training   college, Andy brings a variety of valuable skills to the board.  Andy is keen on helping to give every student the best start into their life and career.

Elizabeth Jackson, Secretary

I have held the position of Registrar / Manager Corporate Services at Waikiki Primary School since 2005, prior to that I was Registrar at Paraburdoo Primary for 14 years.  My daughter attended Waikiki Primary and loved her time here. I believe in our school and our staff, they are wonderful educators. I have been a member of the P&C for many years and support a myriad of school activities. As we move forward as an Independent Puplic School I am honoured to serve as your School Board secretary. 

Darlene Gostelow, Staff Representative

I commenced at Waikiki PS as a Teacher years ago and am currently acting Deputy Principal Student Services. I have loved working at Waikiki from the first day. When I first started here my goal was to    remain long enough to see children I taught in the younger years graduate, I have surpassed this goal by a few years now. Waikiki is a wonderful community with supportive staff, parents and students. I have been a member of the School Council for the past year and am looking forward to working with a dynamic School Board to achieve great outcomes for our school.

Gill Aletreby, Staff Representative

I have been a teacher for 26 years and started work at Waikiki in 2008. I did have a year break when my husband and I moved to Port Hedland for a year where I had the joy of teaching with my daughter.  Since arriving at this school I have always taught in the Upper School. Before coming to Waikiki I worked in  metropolitan schools south of the river and also taught for 2 years in a Remote Aboriginal Community in the Pilbara. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a teacher and I started my training when my eldest child started school. I am the proud mother of two, nanna of three and married to a very supportive man. Waikiki has a very special vibe amongst the teaching staff. We are very lucky at Waikiki to have so many gifted and committed teachers and it is a privilege to be teaching here.

Naomi Greaves, Staff Representative

I began working at Waikiki Primary in 2013 and was immediately impressed by the students, staff and atmosphere of the school. With a background in art and design, my passion in teaching has always been in the area of STEM and the visual arts. My role over the past three years as our Science specialist has been an opportunity to work with students across the school in a subject area that excites me. My goal is to pass on that excitement for science to my students. This year I have enjoyed taking on an acting    Deputy Principal role for term 1. My time in the administration team has opened up new directions for me and given me an opportunity to support our students from an administrative level.

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