Our School - Student Services

Student Services

Student Health and Wellbeing is an important part of our holistic care towards children at Waikiki Primary School. If you feel your child may need to use this service, your child’s classroom teacher is the first port of call. Teachers are familiar with our student services team and will ensure your concerns are forwarded to the appropriate member of staff.

The Student Services Team at Waikiki Primary School provides a wide range of services to members of the School Community. The focus varies according to the individual needs of the students. 

Student Services Committee

Our Student Services Committee assists staff to develop specific plans for all students with special needs.  This may involve liaising with parents and numerous staff from a wide range of agencies to provide additional services to students. The Student Services Deputy Principal coordinates the ‘case conference’ meetings when necessary and works closely with teachers and education assistants to ensure that plans are meeting the requirements of the individual students.

For students who require specific and intensive support. Plans are designed to address limited progress in areas of targeted intervention (major modifications may be required). Programs may replace or where possible will be additional to classroom instruction. These are delivered in small groups or individually. This requires collaboration with external agencies and the development of an Individual Education Plan.  

School Psychologist

The School Psychologist supports our school in three main areas:

  • Learning; our school psychologist can conduct assessments of students experiencing learning difficulties and/or disabilities at the school. Support is then provided in making appropriate curriculum adjustments for students in order to enhance their learning outcomes.
  • Mental Health and Well-being; our school psychologist can provide support for students experiencing mental health and well-being difficulties through determining the best external agency for support. Assistance is also provided to maximise the development of positive mental health and well-being.
  • Behaviour; our school psychologist works with students, parents and school staff to identify and change target behaviours at the individual, group and systemic level.

School Psychologists do not conduct general counselling sessions for students, this can be obtained by contacting your GP and requesting a Mental Health Care Plan under Medicare.

Accessing a School Psychologist

At Waikiki Primary School the School Psychologist can be accessed by discussing your concerns firstly with the classroom teacher. The teacher may then lodge a Student with Special Needs referral with the Student Services Team or Student Services Deputy Principal who will then determine if intervention is required.  A case conference will then be arranged at the school to discuss concerns.