Our Community - East Waikiki Child and Parent Centre

The Child and Parent Centre – East Waikiki

The East Waikiki Child and Parent Centre is family-friendly centre for parents with children up to eight years old located at East Waikiki Primary School. The innovative centre coordinators work with families, local schools and the community to ensure the programs, services and supports needed most in the area are easy to access and use.

The East Waikiki Child Parent Centre provides a range of easily accessible programs and services for you and your family, including early learning programs, maternal and child health services, and child support activities. Families can visit the child health nurse at the centre and there may be speech pathologists, physiotherapists and other health professionals there for them to see.

There is information and advice to help with your children’s development such as playing together, reading to your children and preparing nutritious and healthy meals. Your family can also be part of playgroups and parent groups where you can meet other parents. They offer playgroups, song, movement and craft activities as well as parent information workshops.  Additionally, the Centre provides the services of speech pathology and child health as well as a fortnightly immunisation clinic.

The Centre is welcoming, easy to access and a place to meet other families.  Featuring family-friendly facilities the Centre (and its staff) caters to the needs of local parents and children.